In this full evening programme for guitar and voice devised by Joshua Ellicott and James Boyd ( we explore the dusk and oncoming night through words - both spoken and sung and solo guitar. As the day slips quietly into night, the ethereal sound of plucked strings and the unadorned human voice take us into an other-world where the mind is allowed to roam in this highly intimate evening programme. As the shadows lengthen and the darkness eventually envelops us in its soft embrace, we are held in a time-less region where the human imagination knows no bounds. The candle light flickers and the sounds of centuries past and present mingle to tempt our souls to tread the path between day and night, between light and darkness, between the real and the imagined.

Devised especially to be appropriate for festivals, this programme would find its ideal in an atmospheric venue where the space could be used in imaginative ways - unique to that place. With the use of guitar we are freed from the usual limitations of a venue with piano. Ideally the event would be timed to coincide with sunset. Composers include Britten, Berkeley, Dowland and Schubert.

Following on from Josh’s highly successful and moving 'Jack' programme, this new work for 2016 promises to be yet another magical event.